No more sharing of passwords in plain text.
Send your Hawkpost link, and receive the confidential information encrypted in your inbox. It's that easy.


Representation of a key

Sign up and register your PGP key.

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Send your Hawkpost link to the person that wants to share confidential information with you. Wait for the information to be submitted.

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Our hawk will deliver the message, now encrypted with your PGP key, to your e-mail.


Why should I use Hawkpost?

Hawkpost is the easiest way to securely receive sensible information from people who don't know how to use PGP (ex: passwords, private keys, confidential messages). Share your Hawkpost link with them, and they're able to send info securely, without installing any software.

How does it work behind the curtain?

The concept is simple, you generate an unique link on Hawkpost, then you share it with someone that needs to send you secret information. When that person visits your Hawkpost link and submits the sensitive data, this is encrypted in their browser with the PGP public key you used on signup. The encrypted message is sent by our hawks to your email. This means that we're not able to see the original message, and no message is stored.

Why is this safe?

Hawkpost provides end-to-end encryption using OpenPGP.js library, which means that the submitted information will be only visible to whom created the link (the owner of the key) and we will not save it. No message is stored.

What's PGP?

PGP is an encryption technology often used for signing, encrypting, and decrypting texts and files. This is what Hawkpost uses to encrypt messages. You can read more about how to generate your PGP key on the help page.

Is my link permanently available?

No, at the momment you can create as many unique links as you want, one for each occasion. You can set an expiration date for each one. However, other configuration options will be added soon, so you can better adapt the functionality to your use cases.

What type of information can be submitted?

Any text information can be submitted.

Can I check the source code?

Sure. Hawkpost is open-source. You can either check the source code before using this service, or if you prefer, you can deploy it on your own server. Hawkpost's repository can be found here.

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